Diagnostic center with helipad. Facade renovation. Interiors

Building area 1100 m2
Russia, Republic of Adygea, Maykop, 2017

The construction of the Diagnostic 7-storey Center was completed in 2019. The new building of the center is connected to the existing surgical building and is included in the general complex of buildings of the Republican Hospital.
During the renovation of the facades of the Diagnostic Center, the idea of ​​the interaction of horizontal and vertical elements of different parts of the building and the formation of a part of the building with a helipad with a visual vertical dominant was introduced. The design solution proposed adjustments to window openings, the formation of fragmentary continuous glazing, the creation of active structural elements in the form of pilasters and trusses, which, unfortunately, were not implemented. Porcelain stoneware and composite aluminum panels were chosen as the main materials.
The interiors of the corridors and halls of the Diagnostic Center are geometric, contrasting, zoned. Local graphic elements in the form of arrows indicate the direction of movement towards the stairwells and elevators. The different geometry of the longitudinal walls of the corridors deprives them of monotony. The use of materials imitating wood adds ecological energy to the interiors. The color scheme is chosen from pure, dense and shaping colors, emphasizing the organization of movement between functional areas.