Building area 307 m2
Russia, Republic of Adygea, Gaverdovsky khutor, 2012
The project was carried out for a family of three generations. The house is located in the Gaverdovsky khutor in 80 meters from the Belaya River. The territory of the right bank of the river, where the site is located, is freed from vegetation and offers a view of the river and mountain forest hills.

The land (plot) is almost square in shape and has 2 entrances: from the north-east and from the south-west. The proportions of the land (plot) allowed free zoning of the territory, highlighting the common central space of a semi-covered courtyard adjacent to a free-standing block with a sauna, summer kitchen and outdoor pool. The three-part cascade solution of the placed volumes of the house echoes the existing relief, gradually increasing towards the river. The desire to see the water in the motion and the line of the mountains formed the second floor with a large console and panoramic windows. On the ground floor there is a hall, a kitchen-dining room, a living room, a master bedroom, a parent's bedroom and technical rooms. On the second floor there are children's rooms, a playroom, a library, an observatory. Part of the basement floor is occupied by a workshop.

In the facade cladding, two colors of bricks are used in combination with plaster (stucco), which emphasizes the plasticity of the facades, and anthracite plaster combines the facade with the roof and gives the house a graphic look.