Building area before reconstruction 1100 m2
Building area after reconstruction 1380 m2
Russia, Republic of Adygea, Maykop, 2019-2020
The main task of the renovation was:
-the adding of the 5th floor,
-extension of the central entrance with a reception area, administrative premises and a discharge area,
- creation of an organized approach to the central entrance in the form of a car ramp.

The functional content of the center has also expanded: an infectious unit, intensive care and pathology departments have been added.

When developing the image of the building, it was important to fit it into the existing complex of buildings of the city hospital, to make it scaled, and also to give a memorable, life-affirming image thanks to the selected color scheme of the material. The resulting laconic silhouette and applied colors revealed the building in a new way.

The main facade is accentuated by the car ramp. Several options were proposed, one of which involved a through passage along the ramp with a more active constructive solution and improvement in several levels of the adjacent territory. However, the final decision was dictated by economic expediency.

Matte porcelain stoneware tiles were chosen as the main finishing material for the building facades.

In the process of working with the interiors of the center, at the request of the customer, the slogan of the perinatal center was also developed: "We meet life."