Area 82 m2
Russia, Republic of Adygea, Maykop, 2019
The showroom interior project was developed for the national brand of the Adyghe stylized clothing brand "SuzieM".

The showroom is located in a historic factory building from the late 19th century. The task was to create a shop and atelier in one space, show exclusive designer items and demonstrate the uniqueness of handicraft in the process of making individual items of clothing and decorating it, for example, embroidery.
The interior of the showroom reflects the main colors of the brand, its idea and symbolism. Contrasting colors, shapes, textures, structures were chosen as the main theme of decoration - smooth white walls and a contrasting anthracite floor imitating chipped stone slabs; black graphic metal elements of furniture, lighting equipment and warm elements of light wood, mats, upholstered furniture in warm colors.

The connection with national characteristics is strengthened in the use of local natural materials or materials stylized as natural ones: wood, stone, metal. The resulting showroom is a calm and laconic base, transferring the main focus and attention of the visitor to the exclusive product of the brand and the process of its birth.