Building area 359 m2
Russia, Republic of Adygea, Maykop district, 2010
The project was carried out for a large friendly family. The plot is located in a mountainous countryside, surrounded by unspoiled nature, with a picturesque panoramic view of the mountains and forested hills. The design site is the western slope of the mountain, with a slope of 25% and 2 approaches to the site: from the upper elevation of the slope and at its base.
The main task was to create a laconic and expressive structure of volumes, smoothly inscribed in the relief, and to open the house towards a panorama with the most picturesque views. According to the zoning of the premises, the house develops along two axes, converging at the "hearth" point, the place where the fireplace is located, which is also duplicated on the upper floors: in the master bedroom and on the upper terrace. It was decided to make a recreation area for the whole family with a pool and multi-level terraces as a unifying central compositional element.

There is a parents' bedroom, a kitchen-dining room, a living room, a nursery and technical rooms on the ground floor. At the request of the customer, all bedrooms were maximally spaced and removed from each other. On the second floor there is a master bedroom, a study-library, terraces and an open garage. It is also possible to climb to the exploited roof of the third level. Part of the basement floor is occupied by an open garage, a sauna and technical rooms. For the organic fusion of the house with nature, almost all the roofs in use were designed in green, and plaster and fragmentary decorative stone were used in facade finishing materials.