Interior of apartment with terrace on the 23rd floor

Area 156 m2
Russia, Rostov-on-Don, 2021
Option 1
Option 2

The task of making a joint open space of the kitchen-dining-living room with access to the terrace was complicated by the presence of a large ventilation duct between the kitchen and the room bordering the terrace. Therefore, at the request of the customer, it was decided to make two options.
In the first, the ventilation duct became the center around which the entire interior lined up. On the one hand, this is a TV area, on the other - the working part of the kitchen. At the same time, all zones flow into one another, creating a feeling of infinity, which is reinforced by mirrors. The interior ceases to be static, it is constantly in motion. There is an exit to the terrace.
In the second option, the kitchen-living-dining room is one large space with a lot of air and light, which compensates for the lack of access to the terrace. And to create a mood, various light scenarios are provided.