Building area 2490 m2
Russia, Republic of Adygea, Maykop, 2016

Located in the city center, the two-storey building of the judo school was built in the 60s of the 20th century.
After the procedure for studying the building and the technical conclusion on the reliability of building structures, it was decided to reconstruct and strengthen the existing load-bearing and enclosing structures. Thanks to the reinforcement, it was possible to create a new pitched roof structure, which was the main requirement in the design assignment. In addition to strengthening the building's structure, the task was to maintain the correct structure, layout and plasticity of the facades, to create a new conceptual color scheme.
In the original idea, the color scheme of the facades reflected the colors of the judo belts and ranks: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and black. This color scheme was the main recognizable element of the building. This stylization has undergone a simplification and has been transferred through the material of composite aluminum panels in only 2 colors: orange and blue. Porcelain stoneware of white and gray colors was chosen as the main facade material.
With the help of bright elements, the style of constructivism is emphasized. Nowadays soviet constructivism is still a relevant and lively trend in architecture. This allows, using modern materials in the reconstruction, to create the architecture of today, while preserving the architectural heritage.