Естественный рельеф территории и река сформировали несколько функциональных зон: нижний парк с аллеями именных родовых дубов, средний парк с променадом вдоль реки общей протяженностью 285 м и верхний парк с открытой площадкой для сезонных мероприятий (ярмарки, фестивали, танцы) и ротондой со смотровыми площадками. Все эти зоны имеют функциональные и зрительные связи. Основная пешеходная аллея, идущая от входа в парк, переходит в пешеходный мост через реку и композиционно завязывается с нижним родовым парком. Вдоль реки равномерно распределены три спуска к воде с зонами отдыха. В месте изгиба реки по центру северного променада запроектирован памятник матери. Скульптурная группа, как символ рода, обозревается со всех основных видовых точек парка.
Russia, Republic of Adygea, Maykop, 2011
The large-scale reconstruction project of the «DRUZHBA» stadium and the adjacent territory bordering the city park was carried out in a comprehensive manner and in several stages. The stadium acquired 2 additional stands (from the north and from the south), forming a complete form of a closed oval in the plan, as well as outdoor sports grounds, tennis courts, cafes, a number of technical blocks and front entrance groups.

Considering the entrance groups to the stadium, we distinguish 2 main: east and west entrances.
The initial dimensions of the square in front of the main entrance served as the starting point for the formation of the eastern entrance (from the side of Gagarin Street). The desire to enlarge the area and involve it in the composition of the entrance dictated the concave shape of the arc in the plan. The wavy shape of the coating gives the volume more dynamics and plastics. Seven aisles are structurally allocated, the outermost of which form closed blocks with cash registers. Composite aluminum panels of two colors were chosen as the main material, similar to the decoration of the facades of the stadium stands.

The western entrance to the stadium from the side of the city park is less accessible. Several solutions were proposed, one of which was aimed at partially dissolving the newly erected volume in the environment of the park. A local volume was proposed with a cascading partially exploited green roof with the possibility of forming terrace steps as recreation areas. The entire roof slope with terraces faces the panoramic view of the park and the Belaya River.